Because You Deserve To Know

“Drive-through security patrols can be a waste of money if the security officer never stops or gets out of his car. Drive-through accounts rely on high visibility and therefore must spend time on property to really be effective. Some contract security agencies will overbook drive-through accounts and thereby create a schedule that is impossible for the patrol officer to maintain. Because of this, some properties might get skipped altogether or only receive a high-speed pass through their property…”

Security Expert, Chris Mcgoey CPP, CSP, CAM

Problem Solved!

Having an accountability system that is used during service hours solves the two biggest problems of employing a patrol service:

1.   Not completing the total amount of contracted patrols
2.   Not spending enough time on property

Without this, you can never really be sure. We want you to be 100% sure we are doing our job. Accountability allows you to know:

-Total Number of Completed Patrols
-Exact Time of Arrival
-Exact Time of Departure; and
-Total Time on Property

These are key pieces of information that give you insight to the actual cost effectiveness of your patrol service.

Shouldn’t I Be Able To Trust My Security Company?

Yes, you should absolutely be able to trust your security company. But without a system of checks and balances, how do you really know what you’re getting? Bravo Three utilizes accountability measures such as QR Code Guard Tracking and a GPS Geofence application that come standard with every vehicle patrol.

A security officer’s report is not proof of service rendered.

Bravo Three strives to maintain itself above reproach and to achieve this, accountability is completely necessary. A security officer’s report is not proof of service rendered. Implementing a system of accountability allows for 100% transparency. Not only do you need to be sure that you are being provided a quality service, we want to be sure also! We use multiple systems to ensure you receive a quality service, GPS tracking being one of them.