About Our Team

Veteran owned with almost 75 years combined experience from the United States Armed Forces, Private Security Industry and Law Enforcement.
David Garcia

David Garcia

President and CEO

David Garcia’s experience started in the Marine Corps where he spent 2 years as a member of a Marine Detachment as Maritime Security aboard a naval ship. He spent an additional 2 years as a Zodiac Coxswain with a Marine Expeditionary Unit, Special Operations Capable or MEU SOC. With almost 20 years as a San Diego Police Officer, David has a diverse career working many years in specialized units including:

  • 5 years as a Detective at the Southern and Northern Division substation
  • 2 years on the Southern Division Neighborhood Policing Team
  • 1 year on the Southern Division Bike Team
  • 2 years on the Southern Border Area Special Enforcement Team (BASE Team), and
  • 7 years on the Northern Division Night Beach Team

In 2011 David became a member of the San Diego Gang Investigator’s Association and in 2013 became the Association’s Vice President. He’s also been a member of the California Narcotics Officers Association and is currently a member of the San Diego Police Officer’s Association. David started Bravo Three in 2011 with a vision in mind, to build a security company set apart from the rest and he plans to continue on that path of creating a tradition of excellence displayed by all personnel employed with Bravo Three.

Tucker Warford

Dan Moss

Sales & Marketing Manager

Dan Moss has been with Bravo Three since November 2015. Dan’s fun and outgoing personality has become an asset in creating relationships with current and new clients of Bravo Three. Dan graduated Cum Laude May of 2015 from Kansas Wesleyan University and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & Public Relations. He also has an Associate’s Degree in General Studies with an emphasis in Social & Behavioral Sciences with Honors from Grossmont College. Dan keeps track of contacts and new leads for public relations efforts. He oversees online activity, public relations, media relations & marketing. He maintains multiple website/social media pages and is the creator of The Bravo Three Newsletter. Dan is passionate about going above and beyond for all of Bravo Three current and future clients. 


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications & Public Relations with Cum Laude from Kansas Wesleyan University. 
  • Association’s Degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences with Honors from Grossmont College. 

Your Safety First

Your safety is our priority. Our security experts are highly trained in both armed and unarmed settings to ensure your event, residence, or group is protected at all times.

Veteran Experience

With over 75 years combined experience from the US Armed Forces, Private Security Industry and Law Enforcement, our agents have the expertise to make Bravo Three the clear choice for all your security needs.

Count On Us

We will uphold our tradition of excellence in our protective mission through a dedicated, highly trained, diverse, partner-oriented workforce that employs industry best practice and promotes professionalism.

Clear Communication

We are here for you every step of the way. Never hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts on how we can meet your every need. We strive to be open and communicative at all times.


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San Diego Toys for Tots Bravo Three is now a drop-off location for San Diego Toys for Tots. Donating a new, unwrapped toy is a great way to help less fortunate children throughout San Diego. Our team is excited to be a drop-off center and lend a helping hand in...

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