Our Patrol Vehicles

Bravo Three's Patrol Vehicles Are Equipped To Best Serve You

Our Patrol Vehicles

Bravo Three patrol vehicles and reporting is of the highest standard in the security industry. Each patrol vehicle is marked and equipped to fully accommodate the clients’ needs. All patrol vehicles are equipped with safety equipment including first aid kits, fire extinguishers, safety glasses, and other specialized equipment as needed. All vehicles have the ADAM 602 patrol software which provides progressive reporting, tracking, and dispatching capabilities. This provides computerized accountability of our officers for both Bravo Three management and the client.

Our patrol routes are systematically designed by our experienced management team to ensure quick response times and high quality of service that is rarely seen in the security industry. Bravo Three’s patrol response times average only 15 minutes. Even San Diego Law Enforcement response time averages 7-70 minutes depending on the urgency of the call.


We do not normally equip the patrol vehicles with police style light bars as to keep from looking like sworn law enforcement; and more importantly to maintain a covert appearance to criminal activity as it happens.


At Bravo Three, we understand that you can’t do your job without the proper equipment. We invest time and money into our vehicles to ensure they can perform every day without worry of break downs. This ensures you can get the service you expect consistently over the long-term.


Any experienced security company knows that the cost of gas and employee wages are by far the highest expense involved with a vehicle patrol. Knowing this, Bravo Three strives to make routes very dense and direct to keep our expenses low. This allows Bravo Three to provide a high level of service that can stay within your budget.


Looking the part is very important to the success of a security patrol. Visual deterrence is our primary mission. We understand that fuel mileage is essential, but we still need to look like a figure of authority. At Bravo Three, we only use cars that have high mpg AND have a command presence. This ensures we keep your costs down while staying effective.

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