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Welcome to Bravo Three’s apartment security main page and directory. Below is everything you need to know regarding apartment security for owners, managers, residents, and more. Browse around to get all of your apartment security questions answered and learn a lot more useful information along the way.


Apartment Security Overview

Whether you live in an apartment, manage an apartment, or possibly even own an entire apartment complex, there is always something you can learn about apartment security. Apartments present a unique situation, a large number of people living in a relatively small amount of space. Therefore, there is a high potential for criminal activities. Owners and managers can learn how to leverage security to increase profitability by keeping their occupants safe; and residents can learn how to do their part in keeping their home secure to protect their family and property. Look below to find all the answers to your questions and more regarding apartment security.


Apartment Security for Managers and Owners

Your primary goal as an owner or manager is to make the apartment as profitable as possible. You do that by maximizing rental income while minimizing expenses, also referred to as maximizing your Net Operating Income. It sounds simple, but as a manager or owner you know it is not that easy. We will discuss how apartment security at your property can make good business sense, as well as, what types of security measures you should take.

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Apartment Security for Residents

If you’re a resident, you have a responsibility to do your best to protect yourself, your family, and your property. There are many little tips and tricks you can do to keep the criminals away. But, you also need some help from your management to create a line of defense before criminals get to your front door. We will go over things to look for when choosing an apartment, along with the many things you can do to protect your living space once you have chosen a location.

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Apartment Security in San Diego

Bravo Three’s home office is located in San Diego, so we have learned the many little nuances to apartment security throughout the city and county. We have patrols nightly, seven days a week, in addition to our standing posts. Our CEO, Dave Garcia, sits on the board of the San Diego Gang Investigator’s Association as vice president, which gives him an inside look into gang activities and their effects on Apartment security in San Diego. Now, we want to pass on the knowledge to you. The information we will discuss is good for residents, managers, and owners alike because to maximize your safety, it is a group effort.

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