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At Bravo Three, we specialize in residential security specifically, residential vehicle patrols and standing guards. We provide custom tailored security solutions to properties all over San Diego County. But wait, you’ve heard that before haven’t you? And not only that, but you’ve probably been promised the world and were told the company was different but you still came up disappointed.

So, why are we different? Why should you allow Bravo Three to show you all security companies aren’t created equal?

We know the mistakes made by the other guys, and we AVOID THEM.

Here are a few examples of the common mistakes today’s security companies make:

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1.) Not showing up, or not spending enough time on property.

Believe it or not, the number one mistake made by security companies who provide residential security services is simply not showing up, or not spending enough time on property. This is where all of the value of the patrol is! It doesn’t matter how many times they come if they only stay a minute or two. The primary mission of residential security is providing a visual deterrent to criminal activity. Because of this, the effectiveness of residential vehicle patrols hinges on the amount of time spent on property.

2.) Lack of Accountability.

You don’t know unless you’re 100% sure. Having some measure of an accountability system in place solves the security industry’s most common issues. So how do you know with complete confidence they are coming 100% of the time? The fact is you probably don’t unless they  have technology to prove their work.  Bravo Three offers accountability systems that allow you to know 100% of the time, that we are providing the service as promised and at “A Higher Standard”.

3.) Poor Reporting.

For some reason this is very underrated by many security companies.

How many times can you read,”Property secure. All Clear.” before you rip all of your hair out and stop reading those useless reports?

Proper reporting is an essential part of Bravo Three’s service to you and should never be taken lightly. Proper documentation of activities performed and events witnessed while on duty at your property is extremely important to us. Reports are emailed daily to clients and are also stored on our server for a minimum of 2 years if the need to reference them ever comes up.

4.) Poor Customer Service.

A residential security provider is at it’s roots a service provider, and as such, should be checking in with you on a regular basis to ensure you are satisfied. Bravo Three provides it’s residential security clients unparalleled customer service by following our stringent client contact protocols.

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