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With over 75 years combined experience from the United States Armed Forces, Private Security Industry and Law Enforcement, our agents have the expertise to make Bravo Three the clear choice for all your security needs.

Residential Security

Residential and Commercial Security

We offer unique security solutions to all types of clients throughout San Diego County. Learn more about how Bravo Three is a security company set apart from the rest.

Event Security

Event Security

Let us handle the crowd so you can enjoy the show.

Executive Protection

Executive Close-In Protection

Bravo Three’s top tier operators provide the highest caliber protection to our clients at an unparalleled level of professionalism.

Corporate Security

Corporate Security

Whether you need workplace violence prevention, or a concierge security team, Bravo Three does it all at “A Higher Standard.”

security guard training

Weapons Training and Guard Certification

We offer many courses to choose from no matter your experience or training level. Whether you’re just starting and need to take a Guard Card certification course or are a seasoned veteran and want to brush up on shooting from a dynamic platform, we can help.

Bravo Three provides high-quality armed, unarmed, and executive protection services, as well as weapons training and guard card courses, all of which are of the highest caliber found in the San Diego private security industry.

Your Safety First

Your safety is our priority. Our security experts are highly trained in both armed and unarmed settings to ensure your event, residence, or group is protected at all times.

Count On Us

We will uphold our tradition of excellence in our protective mission through a dedicated, highly trained, diverse, partner-oriented workforce that employs industry best practice and promotes professionalism.

Clear Communication

We are here for you every step of the way. Never hesitate to reach out to us with your thoughts on how we can meet your every need. We strive to be open and communicative at all times.

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We at Bravo Three looked hard at what makes a security company successful. We then created the Bravo Three Diamond Philosophy to remind ourselves, and to show others, of our core competencies. Click Here to find out how we operate at a “Higher Standard.”
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Security is largely an intangible service. As an owner or manager you will rarely interact with the night security. The reporting aspect is what makes the security service tangible, so it is vital you know what to look for. Find out what the many types of reports are and the information they should contain.
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Bravo Three specializes in vehicle patrols for residential or commercial properties and currently provides this service to many satisfied clients throughout San Diego County. Bravo Three provides unique solutions to the many shortcomings normally experienced with a security service by allowing 100% transparency for it’s clients through 24/7 access to the ongoing operations of their account and ensuring constant communication between Bravo Three management and our clients.

We can handle any venue or event no matter the size. We have handled events such as the San Diego Bayfair (Thunderboat Races), the Santee Car Show, the Ramona Rodeo and the Bulls Only Rodeo.




Bravo Three can provide any client with top tier assets at any time. Rest assured that whatever the situation, we take a great deal of care in keeping you safe and doing so in the most professional manner possible. We have provided close-in protection for celebrities such as Ashley Judd and Viola Davis.

Bravo Three’s instructors have provided training all over the world and to our Nation’s Armed Forces special operations units. We take pride in ensuring our officers are well equipped for any situation that arises while securing any client.




Workplace Termination and Violence Prevention is a specialized service that Bravo Three offers as an added measure of protection ensuring your job site, office, etc. remains safe and productive. By allowing Bravo Three to assume the responsibility of protecting your workplace, we can, in turn, allow you and your employees to continue your work unimpeded by all of the stress and worry that comes along with these situations.


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