Bravo Three Security Uniforms

Take a look at how our security uniforms are professional and effective


All of Bravo Three’s security uniforms are very professional on every guard at every location. All officers adhere to a strict dress code to ensure you receive a guard that looks the part.


Bravo Three’s standard security uniforms make no attempt to blend in with the crowd. We want you to know we are a figure of authority without imitating law enforcement.


A Bravo Three security officer’s uniform has a strong command presence which demands respect. We strive to outfit our officers with a uniform people can recognize as the one in charge.

Security Uniform 2

Bravo Three Security Uniforms

Our security uniforms are customizable based on every client’s needs and wants. All officers are equipped with uniforms and badges that have individual identifying numbers. Officers may be equipped with additional equipment at the needs of the work environment.

Additional Equipment

Additional equipment can include: Firearm, OC/Pepper spray, flashlight, handcuffs, baton, Taser, first aid kit, and protective vests. All officers are fully trained and licensed by the State of California as required.

Other Options

Bravo Three security officers will dress for any occasion. Depending on venue and client need, our officers can dress anywhere from suit and tie, to tactical, or even plain clothes. Just let us know your need and we will make it happen.

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